Tradies and Installers

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Off-grid renewable Power Systems

Smart Home Technology

Solar Hot Water

Energy Efficiient Air Conditioning

Energy Efficient Lighting and Induction Cooking

Double/Triple Glazed Windows

Certified Insulation

FSC Timber

Off-Grid Rain or Grey Water Storage Systems

Power Factor Correction

Low Flow Plumbing Improvements

Grey and Rainwater Systems

You’re guaranteed payment from the start to completion.

How it works

We understand times are tough, worrying about not being paid for your hard work is a burden we solve for you. If your customer is approved for finance through Finkey, you are guaranteed^ payment for your work. It is as simple as registering with Finkey and uploading the necessary documentation after your customer applies for the loan. They can be approved in as little as two hours, which means you can start receiving payments within 24 hours.

Tradie Registration

We have provided easy to understand guides to how Finkey works. Below, you will find guides for everything tradies, installers and builders need to get started.

Documentation requirements

The documentation requirements are straightforward and are easy to follow through the application forms. We have provided information on the requirements and how to efficiently upload them to Finkey’s portal.

Joining Finkey’s Network of Vendors does not cost you anything, nor are you obligated to provide Finkey’s payment options.

Benefits of partnering with Finkey and Joining our network.

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