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A green project is the installation of any one or more green technologies on your property or home.

0% Finance

If you’re planning to exclusively install renewable energy technology or upgrade your existing Solar, battery or off-grid system you may qualify for our interest-free finance – 0% Payment Plan installed by a Finkey network vendor. 

If you can still apply for a Green Loan even if you qualify for our zero-interest product. This includes borrowers who are property investors, would like to ‘bring your own tradie’ or have a preference to finance it under a conventional loan.  

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Green Loan With a personalised fixed ‘Green’ rate

You can apply for a Green Loan for all other projects that add on or incorporate solar, batteries, and dozens of other qualifying goods and services (link to green loan page).  

Upon an application, you may be eligible for further discounts of up to 2% on your personalised green rate. You can find more details on qualifying for the discounted rates and the corresponding items required below.