Frequently Asked Questions

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Add value quickly, but keep money in your pocket for rainy days… 

Finkey allows you to manage the expenses without paying them out of your pocket all at once. You increase your property’s equity by spreading out the cost of your investment with straightforward, predictable, and flexible payments.  


Save on interest… 

Financing your solar, battery or home improvements with our 0% payment plans and Green Loans means you’re saving on interest typically lower than a credit card.  


Start saving money… 

Depending on the project, you can start saving hundreds of dollars a quarter from your electricity bills and, in some cases, eliminate the cost of electricity.  


Finkey even handles the payment to the tradies on your behalf.  

We offer unsecured zero-interest payment plans and Green Loans with personalised fixed interest rates.  

Our 0% Finance suits solar, battery and wind energy systems under $35,000 delivered and installed by a Finkey Network Vendor.  

Our Green Loans are suitable for any home project or renovation under $50,000, incorporating renewable or efficient technology and sustainably sourced or produced materials.  


Once you verify that the job is complete or the goods have been delivered, we handle the payment. 

It's simple we will schedule automatic payments to be debited from your bank account fortnightly. There is never a penalty for paying off your finances early.  

We pay on your behalf upon a successful application after the goods and services have been delivered and completed and you’ve verified the completion. 
Once approved, you will receive your finance or credit agreement with the maximum finance amount 

Once approved, you have 60 days from the approval date to find another tradie or organise the project to be completed by another Finkey vendor if it involves renewable energy systems or smart home technology

Typically, within 14 days of verification of completion. 

  1. There’s no catch. 

    However, you must ensure you meet the eligibility requirements for the product, including the fee structure.  

    For further information, please visit the 0% Green Plan page.