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Our Finance Options For Your Sustainable Ideas…


We provide plans and loans for any project or renovation that incorporates the supply or installation of renewable energy technologies and sustainably sourced materials.

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  • 0% - Zilch No interest ever!

    Our Zero Interest Green Plan is an easy finance solution designed to help you save on utility bills and achieve energy independence quickly without upfront costs* for solar and batteries. It’s a predictable way to manage your finances at 0% interest for the life of the plan. Learn more about our Zero Interest Green Plan here (link to 0% green loan page).

  • Upgrading to a ‘Smart Home’ is a zero-interest affair

    Our compliance policy is designed not only to meet regulatory requirements but also to exceed customer expectations. We constantly monitor and evaluate our vendors' performance to ensure they deliver the highest quality products and services. Finkey's commitment to quality assurance extends to every aspect of our operations, and we're dedicated to achieving customer satisfaction and peace of mind. When you choose Finkey for your renewable energy needs, you can be confident that you're partnering with a company devoted to compliance, safety, and quality. We believe in the power of renewable energy to transform lives and communities. Our commitment to compliance ensures that this transformation is one you can trust. Please contact us for more information about our compliance policy or to discuss your renewable energy project. We're here to help you harness the benefits of clean energy with confidence and reliability.

  • Upgrading to a ‘Smart Home’ is a zero-interest affair

    Finkey will also provide zero-interest finance for purchasing home appliances and technology, including Smart Home Technology and other goods that improve home energy efficiency and boost a home's independence from the grid. Qualifying items must be purchased from participating merchants or installed by tradespersons or businesses accredited with Finkey. Loans with a low ‘green’ rate for more than just solar…

  • We also offer Green Loans

    We also offer Green Loans with great rates tailored to your home improvement aspirations, including renovations or repairs incorporating a broader scope of ‘green’ or sustainable goods and services. Learn more about our Green Loans here (link to green loan page)


The benefits of implementing sustainable materials, increasing home energy and eco-efficiency, and installing renewable energy technology should not be burdened with upfront costs.