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Finkey Capital is dedicated to effective and efficient complaints management, ensuring fair and transparent dealings in the financial marketplace. We value your feedback and are committed to proactively investigating and resolving your complaints. This page outlines our complaints management process to assist you in submitting and resolving your complaint. 

Complaints Related to your Vendor (tradesperson/installer) 

IMPORTANT – Finkey Capital is a Credit Provider.  

Our scope of engagement and responsibility relates to your suitability, rights, obligations, and experience with Finkey’s credit (loan) products and services. If you have a complaint or dispute, which may include but is not limited to workmanship, warranty, damages, refunds, professional conduct, or follow-up work, please get in touch with them directly.  

If you’re experiencing issues, have a dispute or would like to make a complaint about the vendor and/or the underlying service or asset purchased with your loan, this pertains to your consumer rights with a vendor, manufacturer or service provider.  

Suppose you have a complaint or a dispute with your vendor before or on the completion of your works or project, and we still need to settle a deposit or full payment of borrowed funds to the vendor on your behalf. In that case, we can assist you as a third party in good faith to resolve a complaint or dispute with the vendor. To engage Finkey in this process, please log into the Customer-Vendor portal, select your project, and open a dispute. Please note we are not responsible or required to engage in a dispute resolution process as a third party between both parties. We will act in good faith to assist you and your vendor with a complaint or dispute. We do not act arbitrarily or provide any legal advice and cannot guarantee an outcome.  

If we are unable to assist you or if you have contacted your vendor and are not satisfied with the outcome, please consider the following for external complaints or dispute resolution:  

  • Australian Competition & Consumer Commission for more information or assistance on how to resolve disputes and complaints. 
    Where to go for consumer help | ACCC 
  • Review the relevant regulations corresponding to your issue, dispute, or complaint with the vendor. Several laws apply, the following are just a few that may be relevant:  
  • State and Territory fair trading laws 
  • Building and Construction Laws 
  • Contract Laws 
  • Australian Consumer Law (ACL) 
  • Relevant State Licencing Laws 
  • Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) Laws 
  • In most cases, a complaint or dispute with a vendor can be raised with the relevant state and territory consumer protection agencies that manage conflicts.  

For example, contact the NSW Fair Trading Office in NSW and complete the Home Building Complaint form. 

  • You could contact the relevant state or territory arbitration commission or service or seek legal advice to resolve a dispute through the relevant courts. 

Complaints Related to Your Relationship with Us – Our Financial and Credit Products and Service 

Finkey Capital Pty Ltd (“Finkey Capital, we or us”) is committed to effective and efficient complaints management and to fair and transparent dealings in the financial marketplace.  

A complaint expresses dissatisfaction about an organisation related to its products, services, staff, or handling a complaint, where a response or resolution is expected or legally required. 

Complaints Management Process 

We take your feedback seriously and will work proactively to investigate and resolve your complaint.  


If you have a complaint about our financial products or if you have general feedback about one of our network vendors, please get in touch with us through any of the following methods: 



Telephone: 1300 346 539 

Postal Address: Po Box 765 Ryde 1680 


If you have a complaint about hardship or the postponement of enforcement proceedings, please  

contact us by: 



Telephone: 1300 346 539 

Postal Address: Po Box 765 Ryde 1680 


Any material relating to Finkey Capital’s Internal Dispute Resolution (“IDR”) process will be provided to you free of charge. 


When contacting us with your complaint, please provide the following information: 

  • Your full name 
  • Your contact details 
  • Preferred method of communication 
  • A clear description of your complaint 
  • Desired resolution 
  • Vendor’s details (if applicable) 

Acknowledgment and Investigation 

We will promptly acknowledge the receipt of your complaint, generally within one (1) business day, and provide you with the necessary contact details for further communication regarding your complaint. 

Our designated representative responsible for handling your complaint will commence an investigation and may request additional details from you. Upon completion of the investigation, the representative will contact you and provide an Internal Dispute Resolution (IDR) response, which will include: 

  1. The outcome of your complaint at IDR 
  2. Your right to escalate the complaint to the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) if you are not satisfied with the IDR response 
  3. Contact information for AFCA 

Except where your complaint involves hardship, an IDR response is not required to be provided to you when a complaint is resolved by the end of the fifth (5th) business day of receipt of complaint, where we have: 

  1. resolved the complaint to your satisfaction; or  
  2. given you an explanation and/or apology when no further action can reasonably address the complaint. 

If you request a written response or the complaint is about hardship, a written response will be provided. 


In cases where your complaint involves hardship, an IDR response may not be required if the complaint is resolved to your satisfaction or if an explanation and/or apology have been provided and no further action can reasonably address the complaint. However, a written response will be provided if you specifically request it or if the complaint pertains to hardship. 

Timeframe for Resolving Complaints 

We strive to resolve all complaints as quickly as possible. While many complaints can be resolved within a few days or on the spot, we aim to provide an IDR response within the following timeframes: 

  • Complaints involving default notices: No later than twenty-eight (21) calendar days after receiving the complaint. 
  • Complaints involving hardship notices or a request for postponement of enforcement proceedings: No later than twenty-eight (21) calendar days after receiving the complaint. 
  • All other complaints: No later than thirty (30) calendar days after receiving the complaint. 
  • If we require additional information to decide or if an agreement is reached with you, exceptions to the above timeframes may apply. 

Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA)  

If your complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction through our IDR process, you have the right to refer your complaint to AFCA. AFCA is an independent and external dispute resolution scheme, of which Finkey Capital is a member.  

You can contact AFCA using the following details: 

Australian Financial Complaints Authority Limited 

GPO Box 3 

Melbourne VIC 3001 

Phone: 1800 931 678 

Fax: (03) 9613 6399 




Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) Hardship  
For our Zero-Interest (0%) Green Plan 

Finkey follows the Australian Finance Industry Association (AFIA) Buy Now Pay Later Code of Practice.  

You can read the Code here. 

If your complaint concerns any of our 0% Plans, you can contact the AFIA’s Code Compliance Committee (CCC) if you believe we have breached the Code. 

You can lodge a complaint directly with the CCC at