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Finkey Carbon Awards Program

We don’t believe in paying more money toward schemes that offset your carbon emissions.  

We believe in rewarding homeowners that have chosen Finkey as their partner to a more sustainable lifestyle.  

Finkey is in the process of developing an Australian-first carbon rewards instrument. Not only do we provide 0% interest payment plans and loans with competitive green interest rates, but we will also be rewarding homeowners for the carbon offset by generating power on their property the scheme will be called Finkey’s Carbon Awards Program. 

Your carbon offset rewarded back to you on the blockchain or a platform which will allow you to trade the carbon you have saved. 

The Finkey Carbon Awards Program incentivises homeowners. By taking out a green loan with Finkey and adopting sustainable materials and technologies in their homes, borrowers can access preferential lower interest rates and, in addition, can earn ‘carbon credits’ through the scheme. 

After completing a project or renovation, the weight of carbon saved cumulates like award points every fortnight. The quantitative carbon offset can be redeemable for monetary instruments* or exclusive non-fungible tokens (NFTs). 

To be eligible for the Carbon Awards program, borrowers must first qualify for a green loan with Finkey. This loan finances the purchase and installation of sustainable materials and technologies in a home. Once the loan settles, borrowers can begin accumulating award points based on the weight of carbon saved using these materials and technologies. The more carbon offset, the more award points are earned. 

The Carbon Awards program is a unique and innovative way to reward homeowners for their efforts to reduce their carbon footprint. By providing a tangible benefit through awards points, Finkey is encouraging more homeowners to live and borrow sustainably, helping save money on their energy bills over the long term while increasing their energy independence and resilience. 

This programs also extends to Vendors, who accumulates Carbon Credits based on each job they complete. 


Eligible products that qualify Finkey Green Rate Loans and can qualify you into the Carbon Award Program. 

At least one or more of the eligible products used in your renovation or project to qualify for a green rate: 

  • Solar panels 
  • Battery storage 
  • Inverters 
  • Solar system and battery combo 
  • Off-grid system 
  • Solar heating and cooling improvements 
  • Double or triple glazed windows  
  • Thermal blinds or shutters* 
  • Thermal Doors  
  • Most other materials that are 7 STAR ENERGY EFFICIENCY certified  
  • FSC Timber cabinetry and materials  
  • Above ground Water tanks and underground water storage 
  • Off-grid water storage systems  
  • Other eligible energy efficient materials (sustainably produced and certified) or technology recognised by green certification (ref. federal or state classifications)  

All wind, solar and battery products must be manufactured by established brands and have means of identification such as serial numbers and bar codes which are eligible for government rebates and credits paid to by certified installers.