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Add Finkey's 0% or Green Loans to your payment arsenal to provide your customers with more payment options.


Finkey provides not only financial solutions and payment security but also offers benefits that go beyond that. Our network’s consolidated buying power allows you to source cheaper goods and materials. We can also help you grow your market by expanding your customer reach and providing new opportunities through referrals.  

With Finkey taking on non-payment risks, you can focus on what you do best. You can quickly help your customers achieve grid independence without burdening them with upfront costs. Customers can enjoy managed and predictable repayment options and another payment option that increases sales conversion through affordability. You will also have access to a broader customer base, consolidated buying power that can potentially lower material costs, and exposure to sustainable projects.  

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By partnering with Finkey

you can help your customers improve their home efficiency, meet sustainability goals, and increase climate resilience. 

Benefits for Vendors: 

Platform Payment
Recurring Payment
Anomali Detection
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