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Finkey Capital is an independent non-bank consumer financial specialising in ‘green’ financing for home improvements, renovations, and home-efficiency upgrades.

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Finkey offers two financing options tailoring to individual needs and circumstances:

0% Green Payment Plan
‘Green’ Home Improvement Loan

For more information on licencing requirements of Vendor’s Finkey onboards :

Electricians working on solar, battery, on-grid, off-grid, and wind power installations in Australia must meet specific licensing and qualification requirements to ensure safety, compliance, and quality of work. These requirements include CEC accreditation, relevant endorsements, and the maintenance of electrical licenses. Customers should always verify the qualifications of their chosen electrician to guarantee a safe and compliant installation of renewable energy systems. 

Here is a brief overview of the licensing and qualification requirements for electricians working in different areas: 

Electricians working on solar power installations in Australia must adhere to the following criteria: 

- Clean Energy Council (CEC) Accreditation: CEC accreditation is a fundamental requirement for electricians installing grid-connected solar power systems.  
- Electrical License: Electricians must also hold a valid electrical license relevant to their state or territory.  
- Grid Connection Authorisation: Grid-connected solar installations require authorisation to connect to the electricity grid.  

Some Things To Consider When You Apply

  • Creditworthiness:

    Finkey Capital places importance on a solid credit history. To qualify, consumers typically need a good credit score demonstrating responsible financial behaviour. A higher credit score increases your chances of approval and may allow you to borrow at our lowest possible advertised rate.

  • Financial Stability:

    Showcasing financial stability is crucial. Finkey Capital may require evidence of consistent income or employment to ensure borrowers can comfortably manage loan repayments.

  • Project Purpose (Eligible Purpose): 

    Our financial products are payment options for you provided through your tradie or one of our Network Vendors. We also have stringent eligibility requirements to ensure we invest in building a sustainable future. Finkey Capital's green financing are designed for eco-friendly home improvements, such as implementing sustainable materials, enhancing eco-efficiency, and incorporating green technology.

  • Loan Amount and Terms:

    Determine the precise amount you need for your green home upgrades and understand the loan terms. Finkey Capital offers competitive rates and flexible terms, allowing you to choose a repayment plan that suits your budget.

  • Documentation:

    Your Finkey Network Vendor will provide supporting documents for your project, including before and after photos, invoices, scope or contracts, if applicable. Finkey Capital will use this to qualify the purchases as eligible and may use these to assess your proposed improvements' feasibility and environmental impact.

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