Homeowners be rewarded with no interest finance, FAST!

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Why Choose Us

You may be eligible for 0% financing if you install or upgrade solar, battery or off-grid systems or any of the following projects through our network of installers on your property.  

We offer:

Finance from $2,000 to $35,000
Flexible terms from 6 months to 60 months
0% Finance as promised
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Our fees

$2.20 Weekly account fee 

$80 establishment fee 

Other fees (dropdown) 

Late Payment (Default) fee: $5.00 

Direct Debit Dishonour: $15.00 

Payment Reschedule fee: $10.00 

Default fees are charged every fortnight until the account is brought back into balance. We may cap the charge at up to $120.00 per calendar year (that’s equivalent to 24 defaults) if the account remains active while payments are missed. If you are late for a payment, it is deemed that you have dishonoured your scheduled payments via Direct Debit and as such additional direct debit dishonour fees will be charged until the direct debit is rectified. 

Are you ready to apply for the 0% Interest Green Plan? Continue here (link to how we lend page) and follow our simple and easy steps.

Bring your own tradesperson’ does not apply to 0% finance options. You must select an installer from Finkey’s network of vendors to provide you with a quote and scope for a solar, battery or off-grid system.

You could direct your tradie to be onboarded with Finkey as an authorised Vendor only prior to applying for one of Finkey’s Home improvement Green Loans.  

We pay the installer or tradie on your behalf once the job is completed.