A quick reference to our ‘Green’ Eligibility Criteria.

More information on Green Finance can be found on the Green Home Finance  

We can accept and assess an application against our lending criteria for 0% finance or a Green Loan, providing you meet our ‘green’ eligibility criteria below.  

The basics of ‘green’ eligibility… 

For our zero-interest payment plan – 0% Green Plan



Off-grid renewable Power Systems

Smart Home Technology

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For Our Green Loans

We will finance any home renovation, improvement, or repairs below $50,000 that incorporate the following:


Home Batteries


Solar Hot Water

Certified Insulation

FSC Timber

Energy Efficiient Air Conditioning

Power Factor Correction

Grey and Rainwater Systems

Off-grid Power Systems

Smart Home Technology

Off-Grid Rain or Grey Water Storage Systems

Low Flow Plumbing Improvements

Double/Triple Glazed Window

Energy Efficient Lighting and Induction Cooking

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*You must select an installer from Finkey’s network of vendors to provide you with a quote and scope for a solar, battery or off-grid system. For Green Loans, if you would like to ‘bring your own tradie’ you must direct your tradie to be onboarded with Finkey as an authorised Vendor before applying. We pay the installer or tradie on your behalf once the job is completed.