Our finance options for your sustainable ideas…

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We provide plans and loans for any project or renovation that incorporates the supply or installation of renewable energy technologies and sustainably sourced materials.

  • We offer 0% finance for solar, battery and off-grid systems and upgrades 
  • Financing up to $50,000  
  • Flexible terms up to 60 months 
  • Approvals generally within hours of your application  
  • We have a network of competitively priced installers 
  • ‘Bring your own’ tradie for Green Loans 

0% - Zilch No interest ever!

Our Zero Interest Green Plan is an easy finance solution designed to help you save on utility bills and achieve energy independence quickly without upfront costs for solar and batteries 

It’s a predictable way to manage your finances at 0% interest for the life of the plan.

Learn more about our Zero Interest Green Plan here

We also offer Green Loans with great rates tailored to your home improvement aspirations, including renovations or repairs incorporating a broader scope of ‘green’ or sustainable goods and services. 


Learn more about our Green Loans here

Upgrading to a ‘Smart Home’ is a zero-interest affair

Finkey will also provide zero-interest finance for purchasing home appliances and technology, including Smart Home Technology and other goods that improve home energy efficiency and boost a home’s independence from the grid. Qualifying items must be purchased from participating merchants or installed by tradespersons or businesses accredited with Finkey. 
Loans with a low ‘green’ rate for more than just solar 

The benefits of implementing sustainable materials, increasing home energy and eco-efficiency, and installing renewable energy technology should not be burdened with upfront costs.


By utilising sustainable materials and green technology, you can significantly reduce energy consumption in your home, leading to lower power bills. Finkey Capital's Zero finance and green loan options enable you to make these energy-saving upgrades tailored to your requirements and budget.

Zero-interest financing for off-grid solar systems or adding battery storage to existing systems can help Finkey borrowers achieve grid independence much sooner and without the burden of the high upfront cost. With blackouts and unstable electricity grids becoming more common, homeowners can rely on off-grid solar systems to provide uninterrupted power. Additionally, adding battery storage to existing systems can help homeowners store excess energy for later use, increasing their energy independence. Off-grid water systems can also be a similar concept, allowing homeowners to become self-sufficient and not rely on municipal water sources.

Sustainable materials and eco-efficient improvements contribute to reducing carbon emissions and promoting ecological sustainability. Finkey Capital supports environmentally responsible projects that benefit both homeowners and the planet.

While initial investments in sustainable materials and green technology may be higher, these upgrades often pay for themselves over time through lower energy costs, reduced maintenance, and longer product lifespans.

Sustainable materials often have lower toxins and allergens, improving indoor air quality and overall well-being. A green loan from Finkey Capital can help you create a healthier living environment.

By investing in green upgrades, you're improving your quality of life and demonstrating responsible homeownership by contributing to a more sustainable future.

Finkey Capital promotes sustainability among its vendors through stringent compliance processes. Only vendors sourcing, producing, or incorporating sustainable materials or installing energy-efficient technologies and renewable energy systems are onboarded to the network. This ensures a network of environmentally responsible partners, aligning with Finkey's green financing goals and offering borrowers eco-conscious project choices.